Rare Gem Property in Miami!

- Jossua Parini
I've been and lived in many states in my lifetime, 36 states to be exact. My job made me travel extensively and I had the opportunity to have worked for top developers in the US. After all my travels and experience, I have finally found a place that I can call home and actually feel like a home. Moda to me is a Rare Gem in miami because of its location, amenities, luxury touches and the fact that we live in a private island. No other property in Miami is like Moda, because trust me we have looked!

Every new property has to go through its pains of course, but Moda has always tried to make sure that my wife and I are happy and content. The management has done an incredible job upkeeping the property as well as attending resident needs. Im going into my 3rd lease and I dont see myself living anywhere else. Thank you Moda!