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Gifts Under $50 | Miami Beach Apartments for Rent
It is never a bad idea to review Oprah's newest list of her favorite things for some gift inspiration. Here are some gift ideas under $50 from Oprah’s Favorite Things.
5 Common Stressors
The design and feng shui of a room can have a direct effect on your mood. Here are a few common bedroom stressors to avoid.
How to Prepare Your Apartment for Fall
It is almost time for cool weather, comfy sweaters, and hot drinks like apple cider. Here is how to get your apartment ready for fall at Moda North Bay Village.
Studio or One Bedroom Apartments?
At Moda North Bay Village Apartments, we offer many unique floor plans with a variety of size and pricing options to accommodate any lifestyle. What are the perks, challenges, and differences between studio and one bedroom apartments?
Fragrant Houseplants for Your North Bay Village Apartment
There's nothing that can make a house a home better than a few house plants. Here are a few houseplants that will also give your home a pleasing aroma.
Outdoor Lighting Solutions
Moda offers balconies with amazing views of the ocean, which is the perfect place for residents to entertain and relax. Here are a few outdoor lighting solutions that will help set the mood on your private balcony at our North Bay Village, FL apartments.
How to Maintain Minimalism
Here are a few steps you can take to begin your journey of maintaining minimalism.
Things to Do Near Moda North Bay Village
If you are looking for something fun to do near your apartments in North Bay Village, be sure to consider these options.